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Las updated March 2024

Can I create a Curated Collection on OpenSea using Emblem Vault with any Blockchain collection?

Yes, Emblem Vault allows the creation of curated collections on OpenSea for any blockchain collection stored within an Emblem Vault. This feature is designed to be blockchain-agnostic, enabling a broad range of NFT collections to be curated and showcased regardless of their native blockchain.

How do I apply for a Curated Collection?

To apply for a curated collection, interested parties should reach out to the Emblem team through available channels like Twitter, Discord, or email, providing essential details such as contact information, collection name, smart contract address, hosting blockchain, total NFT supply, and token standard. Additional collection details or notes should also be included to assist in the review process.

Can I create a multi-asset collection, blockchain-specific, or a unique curated collection?

Emblem Vault supports the creation of diverse collection types, including multi-asset, blockchain-specific, or uniquely themed collections, encouraging innovation and creative exploration within the blockchain space. When proposing a collection, feel free to outline any specific requests or ideas to ensure the team can best support your vision.

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