XCP and Counterparty assets

Emblem Vault provides comprehensive support for vaulting and unvaulting all assets associated with the 2014 Bitcoin protocol, Counterparty. Emblem Vault has witnessed its largest community engagement come from the Counterparty ecosystem since 2020. This strong relationship is underscored by the significant historical volume contributed by notable Counterparty assets such as Rare Pepe, Spells of Genesis, Fake Rares, and a plethora of other historical Counterparty assets.

Users have the flexibility to vault their Counterparty assets into Emblem Vault's generalized Counterparty collection or into a variety of project-specific ERC1155 curated collections. This dual approach to collection categorization allows users to tailor their vaulting experience to either a broad Counterparty engagement or more focused project-based interactions. Emblem Vault's dedicated support for Counterparty assets further solidifies its commitment to fostering an inclusive and versatile platform, capable of accommodating the diverse needs of engineers, developers, investors, traders, and commercial entities within the crypto industry.

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