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What is Dogeparty?

Dogeparty is an open-source token creation platform that was deployed on top of Dogecoin in August 2014, based off of the Counterparty that was deployed earlier in the year and similar to Monaparty which was deployed in 2017 on top of Monacoin. Within just a year of the cryptocurrencies creation, community members had the ability to create their own tokens that were secured by the Dogecoin network. This allowed early participants the ability to partake in early token innovation and experimentation.

The native currency of Dogeparty is XDP, which was created by sending Dogecoin to a β€œburn address” and in return would receive XDP. This is relevant because XDP is required to be spent in order to mint a new token on the platform. There are a variety of ways to acquire this currency including small exchanges, the native DEX, and dispensers.

The first token created on the platform is known as LTBC, which was created to honor one of the Co-Founders of Dogeparty and creator of Let’s Talk Bitcoin!, Adam B. Levine. Although Dogeparty had a short run from 2014–2015 and then later revived in 2021, there are a handful of creators who have been crownd by the community as innovators and leaders including LittleShibe, Doggfather, and Daniel Spiller.

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