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Taproot support

Emblem Vault provides comprehensive support for vaulting and unvaulting all assets based on the Taproot upgrade on the Bitcoin blockchain. This includes a broad spectrum of Bitcoin Ordinals, showcasing Emblem Vault's capability to cater to both a generalized protocol-focused curated collection and numerous project-specific curated collections tailored to individual assets.

For any Taproot asset adhering to the Bitcoin Ordinals Ord Core consensus and correctly indexed, Emblem Vault facilitates seamless integration into the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol collection. This inclusivity ensures that users can effortlessly vault their Taproot assets, leveraging the robust framework provided by Emblem Vault. Conversely, project-specific collections necessitate a precise curation process, ensuring that each asset meets the unique criteria set forth by its respective collection.

Emblem Vault's commitment to supporting the diverse ecosystem of Taproot-based assets and Bitcoin Ordinals underscores its dedication to enhancing the accessibility and utility of blockchain assets across a wide array of projects and platforms.

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