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What is MonaCoin?

Monacoin is a considered the first Japanese Cryptocurrency that was conceived in December 2013 and is based off of the Japanese ascii character β€œMona”. It is a Proof-of-Work Blockchain that operates off of the Lyra2RE(v2) algorithm with a 1.5 Minute Block Time and a reward of 12.5 MONA. $MONA is the native currency and it is known as a community operated blockchain.

In 2017 Monaparty was launched on top of Monacoin. It is modeled from the 2014 Bitcoin token asset platform Counterparty and is similar to 2014 Dogecoin token asset platform Dogeparty. This platform allows the Monaparty community to issue unique tokens inclusive of Art, Music, Trading Cards, Community Tokens, Unlock Tokens, and much more.

Monaparty’s most popular collection is known as MonaCard, which launched on January 8th, 2018 and consists of over 6,000 unique tokens. Currently there are over 50 artists that actively contribute to the project and the community consists of an active collector base.

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