Time-locked Vaults

By Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Block Height

Time-locked vaults represent an innovative feature exclusive to Emblem Vault, placing it at the forefront of crosschain technology developments. This feature grants users the capability to secure their vaults over a specified period, either aligned with the universal time clock or tethered to a specific block height on one of the supported blockchains by Emblem. The introduction of time-locked vaults opens up unprecedented opportunities in the realms of crosschain decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) products, offering a novel approach to asset management and utilization in a secure, time-bound manner.

Unlike traditional methods of staking, where funds are locked in a smart contract, time-locked vaults present an innovative model of tokenized staking. Here, users or teams can tokenize their staking commitments by locking assets within a time-locked vault. This vault can then facilitate various features or rewards for users who hold or interact with the vaulted asset (NFT), enhancing engagement and value for participants. Emblem Vault's time-locked vaults are poised to redefine the landscape of crosschain applications, ushering in a new era of tokenomic structures that leverage the security and flexibility of time-bound asset management. These vaults are versatile, enabling a wide range of applications such as time-locked liquid staking vaults, LP positions, cryptocurrency vaults for on-chain futures, token vesting for ICOs, IEOs, and early investor contracts, as well as time-locked NFT vaults designed for gaming, rewards, and puzzles. This breadth of functionality underscores Emblem Vault's commitment to innovation and its role in driving the future of digital asset management and crosschain interoperability.

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  • Liquid Staking

  • LP positions

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Token Vesting

  • NFTs

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