💿Emblem SDK

Open Source tooling for Emblem builders

Emblem SDK empowers developers to seamlessly integrate advanced vaulting capabilities into their websites. By utilizing our SDK, you can access a range of functionalities essential for creating a robust and efficient vaulting experience.

Core Functionalities

  1. Create-Vault: Easily set up new vaults with custom parameters tailored to your needs.

  2. Get-Metadata: Retrieve detailed metadata from existing vaults for analysis or display.

  3. Get-Vaults-By-Address: Access a list of vaults associated with specific blockchain addresses.

  4. generateJumpReport:Generate comprehensive reports detailing vault transitions, facilitating tracking and analysis of asset movements across different states.

  5. generateMintReport : Produce detailed minting reports, capturing the nuances of asset creation within vaults, aiding in the audit and overview of new asset integrations.

  6. generateMigrateReport:Create migration reports that encapsulate the process of transferring assets between vaults or networks, ensuring transparency and traceability of asset relocation.

Advanced Features

  • Native Vaulting: Integrate a complete vaulting system directly into your website, enhancing user experience and security.

  • Emblem Aggregator: Develop a comprehensive Emblem aggregator for streamlined asset management.

  • Multichain Experience: Offer users a native multichain experience, allowing for seamless interactions across various blockchain networks.

  • Cross-Chain Enterprise Solutions: Leverage curated cross-chain solutions tailored for enterprise-level applications.

Ongoing Support and Expansion

Emblem Vault is committed to continuously expanding the capabilities of our SDK. We aim to provide additional endpoints and tools to further enhance your development experience.

Contact and Collaboration

For any inquiries, feedback, or discussions about custom integrations, partnerships, or specialized solutions, please feel free to reach out to the Emblem team. We are dedicated to supporting our community and fostering collaborative growth.

This documentation offers a concise overview of Emblem SDK's features and potential applications, highlighting its versatility and our commitment to ongoing support and collaboration.

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