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What are Curated Collections?

Emblem Vault (EV) was first deployed on OpenSea on September 9th, 2020. As NFTs began to catch fire during the early portion of 2021 EV found a use-case from an unexpected community, Historical NFTs. As this niche market began to grow over the course of 2021 so did the demand for Emblem Vault blockchain integrations and utility expectation.

Blockchains integrations grew as Namecoin, Dogecoin, Tezos, and many others were added during NFTs mainstream breakout moment. This demand soared to over 30,000 ETH worth of NFTs traded across Emblem Vault’s OpenSea page. During this massive hype cycle we began to realize that it was not a one-vault-fits-all situation. The Emblem OpenSea storefront became jumbled with multi-blockchain assets in a way that was tough to organize. Meanwhile, Emblem Vaults that were created as ERC-721 tokens were not the most optimized way to store ERC-1155-like tokens from platforms like Counterparty and Dogeparty.

After nearly a full year of of ideation, experimentation, and now deployment, Emblem is excited to launch Curated Collections. A new Vaulting Standard that exists as ERC-1155 tokens, which also comes with new features including Batch Minting and additional anti-scam implementations.

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