Common Questions

Las updated March 2024

What is Emblem Vault?

Emblem Vault is a unique platform enabling the vaulting and unvaulting of cryptocurrencies and NFTs from a wide range of supported blockchains. It utilizes ERC-721, ERC-721A, or ERC-1155 NFTs as tokenized wallets that can contain an unlimited number of assets. These vaults facilitate seamless transfer, trade, and interaction with protocols supporting ERC standards, making Emblem Vault a versatile tool for trading, gaming, collecting, and experimental purposes within the NFT, DeFi, NFTfi, and Metaverse ecosystems.

What is Circuits of Value?

Circuits of Value underpins Emblem Vault, serving as the foundational platform for the CircuitBuilder and Emblem Vault projects. Since migrating from Counterparty to Ethereum in September 2020, Emblem Vault has become a central figure in crosschain asset management. Emblem.Finance, the platform's DApp, is the hub for creating, managing, and burning vaults, while $COVAL, Circuits of Value's native token, integrates seamlessly into the Emblem Vault ecosystem, requiring 250 COVAL to mint a vault. Currently, Emblem Vault supports an impressive array of twenty blockchains, offering unparalleled flexibility for asset storage across both EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains.

What is Emblem Vault Legacy and Legacy Migration?

Emblem Vault's recent migration from its Legacy contract to 35 separate Curated Collections represents an evolution towards more specialized and smart contract-based NFT collections. This transition, which aimed to enhance user experience and platform functionality, resulted in Emblem Vault Legacy achieving 60,000 ETH in trading volume before the migration. Curated Collections now allow for assets from diverse blockchains like Bitcoin Ordinals and Solana to have their storefronts on platforms like OpenSea, highlighting Emblem Vault's commitment to broadening its crosschain capabilities and facilitating a more integrated digital asset ecosystem.

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