Emblem Vault

Common Questions

What is Emblem Vault? Emblem Vault is an ERC-721, ERC-721A, or ERC-1155 NFT that can store any type of cryptocurrency or NFT from the supported blockchains inside of the vault. A vault is a tokenized wallet that can hold an unlimited amount of assets that can be transferred, bought, sold, trade, or used within any protocol that supports ERC-721 or ERC-1155 contracts, or the equivalent token standard of that blockchain. Why would I use Emblem Vault? Emblem Vault is used for a variety of purposes that includes, but is not limited to, trading, gaming, collecting, and experimentation. Supported collections have access to NFT, DeFi, NFTfi, and Metaverse ecosystems. What is Circuits of Value? Circuits of Value is the underlying platform that operates CircuitBuilder and Emblem Vault. CircuitBuilder was the first project launched under the Circuits of Value brand, and Emblem Vault is the second. CircuitBuilder is a retired project as of May 2020, when Emblem Vault migrated from Counterparty and deployed on Ethereum September 2020. What is Emblem.Finance? Emblem.Finance is our decentralized application (Dapp) that is used for minting, burning, and storing all of your Emblem Vaults. It serves as the central hub for vault creation, minting, and management. What is $COVAL? COVAL is the native token of the Circuits of Value ecosystem. It originally began as Ribbit Rewards (RBR) in 2014, and was rebranded to COVAL in 2016. The token was then launched as COVALC on the Bitcoin token creation platform Counterparty, and was listed on multiple exchanges before being delisted in 2019. In 2020, COVAL was relaunched as an ERC20 token and was redeemable 1:1 for previous COVALC holders. Additionally, COVAL was integrated into the Emblem Vault ecosystem, where 250 COVAL is required to mint a vault. Where can I purchase COVAL? Coval is available for purchase on Coinbase and Uniswap. How much Coval is required to mint a vault? $20 dynamic pricing, in ETH. How many blockchains are integrated with Emblem Vault? There are twenty blockchains integrated, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash/SV/SLP, Bitcoin Ordinals, Bitcoin Stamps, BNB, Counterparty, Dogecoin, Dogecon Stamps, Digibyte, Dogeparty, Fantom, Namecoin, Monacoin, Litecoin, Litecoin Ordinals, Solana, Stacks, and Tezos. Emblem has the ability to add support for any PoS or PoW blockchain. Is Emblem Vault available on any ETH NFT Marketplace? Emblem Vault is available on all ETH NFT marketplaces. Can Emblem Vault be deployed on any blockchain? Emblem Vault can be deployed immediately on any blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), as well offering the opportunity to deploy on non-EVM blockchains like Bitcoin and Solana. Currently, Emblem Vault is available on BNB, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon. If you are interested in bringing Emblem Vault to your platform, please email us at [email protected]. ‍ How many assets can I store inside an Emblem Vault? Just like any native blockchain wallet, there is no limit to the number of tokens that can be stored inside an Emblem Vault. Can I store multiple assets from multiple blockchains inside a single vault? Yes, you can store as many tokens as you'd like from various blockchains that are integrated with Emblem Vault. For example, you can store 2 BTC, 3 Ethereum NFTs, 2 Namecoin domains, 2 NMC, and 4 Solana NFTs all in a single vault. Is Emblem Vault decentralized? Emblem Vault is a custodial solution that incorporates elements of decentralization, with ongoing upgrades and updates to further decrease attack vectors. Shannon Code, the founder of Emblem Vault, began his journey in the crypto industry in 2012 as a member of a security team and believes in the power and ideals of decentralization. As the product currently exists today, it is not in the best practices of safety to completely open-source the protocol. However, we have open dialogue with the community regarding Emblem ugrades, updates, and security standards. What is Emblem Vault Legacy? Emblem Vault Legacy was the first contract deployed by the Emblem team in September 2020. In June 2023 Emblem Vault announced it would be migrating its Legacy collection into 35 separate Curated Collections. Prior to migration Emblem Legacy facilitated 47,000 ETH in trading volume, across 44,000 vaults, with 12,000 unique owners.
Read more about to migration here: https://emblem-vault.medium.com/the-next-chapter-for-emblem-vault-8ec1572a2341 What is a Curated Collection? A Curated Collection is the second version of Emblem Vaults that are minted ERC-721A or ERC-1155 contracts. The updated version of curated collections applies a smart contract to any type of assigned collection from any blockchain, meaning NFT collections from Bitcoin Ordinals, Solana, and Dogecoin, can all have their open OpenSea storefront. ‍ ‍Read more about Curated Collections here: https://emblem-vault.medium.com/the-power-of-emblem-vault-curated-collections-a4bb41851bdb