Emblem Vault


NFT Applications using Emblem Vault
Emblem Vault is uniquely suited to provide an exceptional NFT experience in a multichain world. Our technology allows for the buying, selling, trading, storage, and increased accessibility of NFTs across all blockchains in a seamless and secure manner. By utilizing Emblem Vault, users have the ability to bring their NFTs from non-native blockchains into the Ethereum ecosystem, where the vast majority of NFT trading occurs. This allows for greater liquidity and exposure of their assets.
In addition, Emblem Vault provides a private and secure transaction feature that allows for frictionless trading, while saving on gas fees by transferring a vault of multiple assets for the transaction cost of a single NFT transfer. The platform also allows for the creation of a single NFT to bundle multiple assets, which can be used as collateral for loans or for yield farming. With Emblem Vault, users have the flexibility to access and utilize their NFT assets in any ecosystem that offers the best fiscal and social returns. With its focus on interoperability and accessibility, Emblem Vault is the best tool to utilize NFTs in a multichain world.
  • Emblem Vault allows any NFT collection from any blockchain to have its own smart contract, providing additional functionality and flexibility.
  • Share royalties with creators and the Emblem Vault team, incentivizing collaboration and ongoing development.
  • Non-ETH NFT collections can have their own OpenSea storefront page, expanding their reach and visibility to a broader audience.
  • Users have the freedom to bring their NFTs to self-custodial wallets of their choice at any time, ensuring accessibility and control over their assets.
  • Mint your NFTs to the Emblem Legacy contract, which supports over 12 different blockchains.
  • Utilize the opportunities presented by emerging protocols on blockchains with limited infrastructure by vaulting them on Ethereum through Emblem Vault, thereby accessing superior tooling.
  • Emblem Legacy is home to over 100 collections from proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains, enabling you to tap into diverse communities and broaden your reach.
  • Build an aggregator or marketplace on top of Emblem Vault to offer a curated experience for your community and showcase your NFTs alongside other collections.
  • Migrate to more cost-effective gas environments by vaulting on Polygon or Binance Smart Chain, reducing transaction costs while maintaining the benefits of Emblem Vault's features.
  • Bring awareness to vintage NFTs from early experimentation on various blockchains
  • Share Historical NFTs inside any metaverse gallery
  • Access DeFi markets and borrow against Rare Pepes or Namecoin Relics
  • Package Dogeparty NFTs inside a vault to sell as a bundle
  • Vault your Bitcoin Ordinals and borrow against them in the most liquid NFT markets in the world.
  • Curate a multi-asset vault from multiple blockchains to leverage in the NFT Borrowing and Lending ecosystem.
  • Integrate Emblem Vault API to use as your vaulting standard for multicollateral options.
  • Capitalize on the newest liquidity trend on the blockchain of your choice.
  • Turn your Historical NFT into a DAO community by issuing ERC20 tokens against it as a governance model
  • Create a memecoin by vaulting your Bitcoin Ordinal on Fractional.art to create a more fluid trading market
  • Find liquidity for your non-ETH native asset by fractionalizing shares that represent ownership in the underlying asset
  • Curate a multi-collateral basket of assets (fungible and non-fungible) to back your own cryptocurrency