Ethereum & all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) assets

Emblem Vault extends its vaulting and unvaulting services to encompass Ethereum and all assets based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) framework. With Ethereum serving as Emblem Vault's primary platform, the service is adept at handling a broad spectrum of Ethereum assets, including ERC20s, ERC721s, ERC1155s, and any forthcoming ERC standards. This broad support reflects Emblem Vault's capacity to adapt to the evolving landscape of Ethereum-based assets.

Historically, Emblem Vault has been utilized by users to engage with a diverse array of Ethereum assets, from trading Soulbound tokens (SBTs) and non-standardized tokens to managing non-transferrable tokens, account-based assets, and navigating around permissioned or contract-level restrictions placed on their assets. This usage underscores Emblem Vault's utility in offering users an enhanced degree of flexibility and creative freedom.

By enabling users to vault and unvault such a wide range of Ethereum and EVM-based assets, Emblem Vault stands out as a versatile tool within the crypto ecosystem. It provides users with an innovative means to explore and experiment with their assets in non-traditional ways, further enriching the possibilities within the Ethereum blockchain and beyond. Emblem Vault's support for these assets demonstrates its commitment to fostering creativity and flexibility in the management and utilization of digital assets.

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