Crosschain Launchpad

On February 1st, 2024, Emblem Vault achieved a groundbreaking milestone by introducing the first-ever crosschain launchpad, a pivotal moment that underscored its commitment to pioneering the future of digital asset interoperability. The launchpad, through its inaugural project named EmBells, seamlessly inscribed an asset on the Bellscoin blockchain and subsequently made it available on Ethereum, all through a single Ethereum transaction. This innovative process represented a direct transfer from a Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain to a Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain, showcasing the technical prowess and vision of Emblem Vault. The EmBells collection, comprising 10,000 assets, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, selling out within just 6 hours of the Vaultpad's release, and has since stood as a testament to Emblem Vault's crosschain capabilities.

The Vaultpad is designed to offer a distinct inscribe-to-vault experience, ensuring compatibility across a wide array of inscription and NFT ecosystems. This flexibility enables users to inscribe on Bitcoin and deliver on Solana, mint on Ethereum and deliver on Polygon, among other combinations, effectively making the possibilities limitless. With plans to launch within the Emblem Markets app store, the Vaultpad is set to open its doors for applications and partnerships, further expanding its reach and utility. Among its compatibilities are Atomicals, Bellinals, Bitcoin Ordinals, Bitcoin Stamps, Doginals, and Litecoin Ordinals, highlighting Emblem Vault's commitment to supporting a diverse range of digital assets and fostering an inclusive, interconnected ecosystem for users and creators alike.

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  • Atomicals

  • Bellinals

  • Bitcoin Ordinals

  • Bitcoin Stamps

  • Doginals

  • Litecoin Ordinals

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