The first protocol deployed on Dogecoin

Emblem Vault provides specialized vaulting and unvaulting services for Dogeparty, a token issuance platform derived from Counterparty, launched on the Dogecoin blockchain in August 2014. Dogeparty continues to be an active protocol, issuing new tokens and fostering ongoing collections such as Rare Doge, Rare Rejects, Modern Relics, Rude Relics, among others. Additionally, it hosts Dogecoin Stamps, offering a mechanism akin to Bitcoin Stamps on the Bitcoin blockchain, and has become a repository for what are widely regarded as Historical NFTs.

Users have the flexibility to vault Dogeparty assets into Emblem Vault’s Open collection or into a dedicated Dogeparty protocol-based curated collection. This dual pathway ensures that users can either integrate their Dogeparty assets into a broader multi-chain context via the Open collection or engage with them within a focused, protocol-specific environment. Emblem Vault's support for Dogeparty assets enhances their accessibility and liquidity, providing a bridge to wider blockchain ecosystems and enabling innovative cross-chain interactions.

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