XTZ and Tezoz NFTs

Emblem Vault introduced support for XTZ and Tezos NFTs in 2022, a pivotal time marked by the rise of the generative art scene within the Tezos ecosystem. This strategic inclusion enabled users to vault their NFTs, offering them an avenue to access and sell their assets on OpenSea at a time when the Tezos NFT infrastructure was still evolving and liquidity across platforms was fragmented.

Currently, Emblem Vault provides users with the option to vault their Tezos assets within the expansive Emblem Vault's Open collection or opt for a more specialized approach by using a dedicated Tezos protocol-based curated collection. This flexibility allows users to choose the most suitable platform for their needs, whether they aim to broaden their asset exposure across chains or engage more deeply with the Tezos community through curated experiences. Emblem Vault's integration of Tezos support underscores its commitment to enhancing interoperability and accessibility for digital assets across blockchain ecosystems, empowering users to navigate and leverage the dynamic NFT marketplace effectively.

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