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Las updated March 2024

Minting a vault with Emblem Vault is a streamlined process designed for ease of use. To create a Curated (ERC721A or ERC-1155) vault, click on "Create Curated" and proceed as guided. After completing the necessary steps, the "Mint Vault" button will finalize your vault creation. We've compiled both text and video tutorials to guide you through this process, available on our Blog and YouTube channel for additional support. It's crucial to remember that for Curated Collections, assets must already be placed inside the vault before they are eligible for minting.

Unvaulting your assets from an Emblem Vault involves the burning of the vault, which then reveals the private keys associated with each blockchain contained within the vault. This process requires only a gas fee and a native wallet to re-introduce your tokens to the blockchain. Comprehensive guides and tutorials are available to assist you through this process, accessible via our Blog and YouTube channel.

Please note: Before transferring assets to another wallet post-vault burning, ensure you have a sufficient amount of the native token inside the vault to cover gas fees on the respective blockchain. For instance, moving Rare Pepes (Counterparty assets) to a different wallet necessitates having Bitcoin in your vault for transaction fees.

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