🛒Bulk Features

Burn, Create, Mint, and Refresh

With the introduction of Emblem Vault V2, a suite of advanced features and professional tools is set to cater to the needs of our power users, starting with the introduction of bulk operations. A notable challenge faced by Emblem Vault users has been the inefficiency in minting multiple assets, which has resulted in a significant bottleneck, affecting the seamless interaction between Emblem products and our user base. The future of crosschain technology demands more streamlined processes than minting and unvaulting assets individually.

Emblem Vault V2's bulk features are designed to revolutionize this process, enabling the creation, minting, refreshing, and unvaulting of up to 25 NFTs in a single transaction. Leveraging the capabilities of ERC-721A, these bulk operations not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly reduce average gas fees per NFT, especially as the number of NFTs minted in a single transaction increases. These bulk features will extend to our ERC-1155 collections as well, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience across different types of digital assets. This suite of bulk operations includes:

  • Bulk Mint

  • Bulk Create

  • Bulk Refresh

  • Bulk Unvault

The introduction of these features represents Emblem Vault's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and user satisfaction, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of crosschain technology and digital asset management.

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