Emblem Vault


Gaming Applications using Emblem Vault
The world of crypto gaming has always been focused on the idea of interoperability. Even before on-chain smart contracts were introduced, gaming assets were being conceptualized and attempted on Bitcoin and other gaming-specific blockchains, with the vision of a gaming world that would become unified over time, regardless of the blockchain or L2 built on.
Fast forward to today's NFT gaming climate and it's widely agreed that smart contracts, specifically ERC721 and ERC1155, are the path to this interoperable world. However, what about assets that don't utilize EVM? This is where Emblem Vault comes in to assist in meshing those worlds together. Bring your Ordinals to the Ethereum gaming world, stake your Ethereum NFTs in the trending Solana gaming boom, or take your Historical NFTs from Counterparty and display them in your metaverse project. With Emblem Vault, the multi-chain interoperable gaming world is possible.


  • Expand your project's NFT asset support beyond native blockchains, and bring along their communities.
  • Create token-gated experiences within your metaverse using assets from non-native blockchains.
  • Utilize ERC721 and ERC1155 standards to engage with emerging NFT communities.
  • Foster interoperable multi-chain communities with Emblem Vault.


  • Utilize Emblem Vault as a digital picture frame to display your Historical NFTs in a museum.
  • Mint on Emblem Legacy to display a custom image that is backed by your vault filled with assets.
  • Display any type of Ordinal file (Text, HTML, SVG) in your open gallery.
  • Use an Emblem Vault as a picture frame, rug, or any piece of a metaverse that is NFT compatible, with assets from any blockchain.

Gaming Assets & Wearables

  • Allow cross-chain usage of gaming assets by bringing them from non-native blockchains to games that use ERC721 or ERC1155 standards.
  • Introduce NFT fashion and gaming assets from other blockchains to your game.
  • Create token-gated experiences for marketplaces, portals, chats, and more by vaulting and tokenizing gaming assets as Ordinals.
  • Leverage accessories, wearables, vehicles, homes, and land from other games and blockchains to create a true interoperable gaming experience in your metaverse and gaming world.
  • Use Emblem Vault as a tool to facilitate the interoperability of gaming assets across multiple blockchains and game ecosystems.
  • Bring Historical NFTs froms Namecoin, Counterparty, Dogeparty, Monacoin, and Ethereum to your gaming experience.