⏩Vault Creation

How to Create a Vault

Setting up your Vault

When you open Emblem.Finance you will be presented with multiple options:

"Create Curated "will present a drop down selection of a variety of Curated Collections you can vault and mint your asset into.

"My Vaults" is where you will manage all of your created, vaulted, and unvaulted assets.

Emblem Open (Multi-protocol vaults)

Opting to create a vault within our Open collection parallels the concept of minting through a "generalized" or "open" contract. This permissionless framework serves as a beacon for artists, collectors, and traders, enabling the consolidation of various assets from our supported networks into a unified vault (NFT). Each vault β€” personalized with a unique Name, Description, and Image β€” is crafted by its creators, offering a canvas for those who seek financial inclusivity, market liquidity, and the avenues for in-depth exploration and innovation. This dynamic environment encourages users to quickly adapt to and capitalize on shifting trends and emerging narratives.

Yet, it's imperative to acknowledge the potential risks associated with such openness. The inclusive nature of Emblem Open may inadvertently provide a gateway for malicious entities and manipulators aiming to exploit less informed users. Vigilance is key; verifying the contents of each vault, understanding Emblem Vault's foundational principles, and seeking expert guidance when in doubt are essential steps to ensure a secure transaction experience.

Emblem Open distinguishes itself by supporting a diverse array of cryptocurrencies AND NFTs from a comprehensive list of networks, including Bitcoin Ordinals, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Stamps, BRC20, Counterparty, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Dogeparty, Ethereum, Ethscriptions, Litecoin, Litecoin Ordinals, Namecoin, Monaparty, Solana, Staks, and Tezos.

This unparalleled compatibility means that users have the unique ability to amalgamate any number and type of assets from the aforementioned networks into a single, manageable NFT. This not only simplifies asset management but also opens up new possibilities for creative expression and financial strategy within the digital asset space.

Protocol Curated Collections (Generalized collections)

Opting for an Emblem Vault Protocol curated collection strikes a balanced compromise between the inclusivity of Emblem Open and the specificity of Emblem Vault Project curated collections. These Protocol curated collections are conceived as "generalized" assemblages tailored to the preferences of a particular blockchain, network, or protocol. This intermediary option caters well to emerging or trending collections that may not yet have a dedicated project curated collection.

There are several scenarios where vaulting into a protocol collection might be advantageous. Firstly, it serves as an alternative when a project-specific collection is unavailable. Secondly, it benefits artists, creators, or sellers seeking to market their assets across blockchain networks. Although many aspire to secure a project-specific smart contract, the journey often begins with broader platforms. Protocol collections provide emerging talents and nascent projects with a platform to showcase their work, thereby democratizing access to visibility and market participation.

Furthermore, protocol collections present a viable solution for the sale of single-use items. For instance, a seller wishing to trade a Namecoin NFT without the risks associated with over-the-counter (OTC) transactions can instead choose to vault their asset, facilitating an on-chain trade. This method underscores the flexibility and security advantages inherent in utilizing the Emblem Vault for asset transactions.

Overall, Protocol collections open a wide avenue for creativity, discoverability, and experimentation within the crypto ecosystem. They offer a flexible and inclusive environment that encourages participation from all corners of the industry, from individual creators to commercial entities, enabling a diverse range of users to engage with and benefit from the dynamic possibilities of blockchain technology.

Project Curated Collections (Project specific)

Creating a vault within Emblem Vault's Curated Collections represents a sophisticated method of integrating non-native NFTs across various blockchain networks. These Curated Collections are anchored on singular ERC721A or ERC1155 smart contracts, enabling them to embody diverse non-fungible collections with varying sizes and characteristics.

Emblem Vault forges strategic alliances with individual creators, expansive communities, and seasoned teams, aiming to cultivate enhanced market dynamics for NFT collections. This collaborative effort is directed towards fostering more liquid markets, amplifying discoverability, and bolstering the visibility of projects on blockchains that traditionally suffer from limited exposure.

This innovative vaulting paradigm is the brainchild of the Emblem Vault development team, embodying a proprietary technology conceived and refined in-house. Emblem Vault's Curated Collections empower any given collectionβ€”irrespective of its originating blockchain, network, or protocolβ€”to be seamlessly integrated under a single smart contract. This integration not only enhances asset discoverability but also deepens market liquidity and enables unique experiences unattainable on the assets' native blockchains. Users can engage with cutting-edge DeFi protocols, leverage their UTXO-based assets for borrowing and lending, or utilize their holdings to participate in the latest incentive models pervading the crypto ecosystem.

Within the framework of Emblem Vault's project-curated collections, only specific assets designated for each collection are eligible for vaulting. Take, for instance, the Emblem Vault's Rare Pepe curated collection, which exclusively accommodates Rare Pepe assets from the Counterparty protocol. Any attempt to vault a non-Rare Pepe asset into this collection will result in an invalid transaction, as the system will not initiate a gas transaction for vaulting the incompatible asset. Consequently, the vault will be deemed invalid, necessitating the unvaulting of the asset and the creation of a new, compliant vault.

This degree of curated cross-chain integration remains unparalleled in the industry, setting a new standard for asset interoperability and market fluidity. Emblem Vault's approach to curated collections exemplifies its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the realm of digital asset management and exchange.

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