Emblem Vault


DeFi Applications using Emblem Vault
Emblem Vault is a versatile tool that enables unique use-cases in an evolving DeFi ecosystem. With the ability to deploy vaults on the majority of blockchains, it provides a means to import collateral from non-native ecosystems and access it within emerging industries on budding blockchains. The convergence of Emblem's technology for collateral, storage, and transactions leaves room for many unexplored opportunities.

Borrowing & Lending

  • Import cryptocurrencies from more than a dozen supported blockchains to the DeFi ecosystem of your choice.
  • Create a basket of cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, and SOL) within a single ERC721 token to use as collateral for borrowing.
  • Bundle cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a single vault for more efficient management.
  • Curate a basket of stablecoins (such as USDC, USDT, and DAI) to use as collateral for borrowing.
  • Bring your cryptocurrencies to more liquid markets to receive better long-term yields.


  • Yield farm with a diverse range of cryptocurrencies using a single ERC721 or ERC1155.
  • Introduce new farming mechanics by importing non-native assets to major DeFi ecosystems.
  • Stake both NFTs and cryptocurrencies within a single NFT.
  • Use Bitcoin on Ethereum staking platforms without the need for wrapping, bridging, or creating a synthetic derivative.


  • Secure your assets within a single NFT.
  • Keep your assets on their native blockchains while gaining exposure to new opportunities.
  • Store tokenized real-world assets on the blockchain for added security and accessibility.


  • Take advantage of Emblem Vault's private transaction feature to enjoy frictionless trading.
  • Save on gas fees by transferring a single vault containing multiple assets for the cost of a single NFT transfer.
  • Privately transfer a vault of NFTs across different blockchains.
  • Exchange your assets in the ecosystem that offers the best financial and social returns.