Emblem Vault

Verifying Assets (Legacy)

Verifying Assets

What are the steps towards verifying my assets are authentic? Verifying the authenticity of your assets is crucial to ensure their integrity and value. Here are some steps you can take to verify the authenticity of your Emblem Vault assets: ‍ ‍1) Check the smart contract address of the asset on Etherscan and on the OpenSea storefront. The official contract address for Emblem Vault Legacy is 0x82C7a8f707110f5FBb16184A5933E9F78a34c6ab ‍ ‍2) On the OpenSea storefront, click on the collection label to ensure it displays a "Badged Collection" with a blue checkmark and a "Mintable Collection" with a yellow exclamation point. ‍ ‍3) Check the Total Volume of ETH traded for the collection, which should be over 45,000+ ETH. ‍ ‍4) Check the number of Owners for the collection, which should be over 12,000+ owners. ‍ ‍5) In the properties tab, where the asset's metadata is displayed, make sure the status says "Unclaimed". This means the vault has not been unlocked or burned. 6) Check the blockchain explorer under "View this NFT on Emblem.Finance" to ensure it matches the proper blockchain in the properties tab. This will verify that the asset exists natively on the correct blockchain. 7) When viewing the assets inside of the vault, verify that the vault's native blockchain public address matches the address displayed when clicking on the blockchain explorer link in the assets description. For example, if you have a Rare Pepe stored inside your vault, the BTC public address inside the vault should match the public address displayed when clicking on the "XCP Explorer" link in the description on OpenSea. We have instructions and video tutorials available on how to verify your assets. Please refer to our website for more information.