Emblem Vault

Vault Creation

How to Create a Vault

Setting up your Vault

When you open Emblem.Finance users will be presented with two options:
"Create" will mint a vault into our Emblem Vault Legacy collection and "Create Curated" will mint a vault into one of our specialized Curated Collections.

Emblem Open

Choosing to create a vault for our Open collection is similar to minting on a "generalized" or "open" contract. This permissionless contract empowers artists, collectors, and traders to bring any supported native asset over to BNB, Ethereum, or Polygon.
The Vault Name, Vault Description, and Vault Image are determined by the vault creators. This provides an opportunity for individuals seeking accessible financial tools, liquid markets, and deep exploration to experiment. It also allows users to capitalize on evolving trends and forming narratives as quickly as possible.
However, it is important to note that this also creates a potential avenue for bad actors and manipulators to deceive unsuspecting and unknowledgeable users. It is crucial to ALWAYS verify the contents inside the vaults, become familiar with the foundation of Emblem Vault, and seek additional support if you are not absolutely certain before making a purchase.

Emblem Vault Curated Collections

Opting to create a vault for Curated Collections is a specialized approach to bringing non-native NFTs to various blockchains. Curated Collections utilize a single ERC721 or ERC1155 smart contract to represent non-fungible collections of varying sizes and variations.
Emblem Vault collaborates with individual creators, large communities, and established teams in a partnership to fortify more efficient market dynamics for NFT collections. This results in more liquid markets, enhanced discoverability, and increased awareness for projects that were built on blockchains with limited visibility.
This new vaulting standard is a proprietary technology that was developed in-house by the Emblem Vault team. If you're interested in deploying a Curated Collection for your NFT project, please reach out to the team via Twitter or Discord.